About us

Somali association network of Ireland HistoryThe Somali association network of Ireland was launched in June 2015  (or umbrella) agency, to provide infrastructure support to Somali led community organisations, and to provide a platform to address issues affecting the Somali community in Ireland and at a regional and national level.Vision:To achieve cohesive, integrated and successful Somali communities in Ireland 



To provide a strong, collective and credible voice for the Somali communities in  Ireland.


To articulate the aspirations and interests of Somali communities and diaspora.


Our core objectives are:

  • To champion the aspirations and views of Somali organisations and diaspora in Ireland
  • Through policy work and campaigns influence local and central government policies in order to improve the conditions of Somali communities.
  • Through research provide a true picture of Somali communities living in the Ireland
  • To provide high-quality organisational capacity building and technical support that will improve service delivery of our members
  • To build and support collaboration between Somali &  non-Somali organisations and local authorities and statutory bodies

Our Values:

  • Fairness
  • Inclusion
  • Transparency
  • Equality of Opportunity

We aim to ensure that the following values are implemented in all planning, development, implementation and delivery of Somali association network of Ireland (SANI )activities:


Somali association network of Ireland (SANI )plans to secure an inclusive community where  all members, partners and suppliers are valued and empowered to contribute to the development and implementation of the SANI’s mission, vision and values, and support the Somali community to reach its full potential.



The planning and delivery of (SANI ) activities will seek to secure an inclusive approach to working with member organisations, individuals and partners, and will promote the equal inclusion of those who support and are committed to the mission and Values of the SANI.




SANI will aim to be as transparent as possible in terms of securing sound corporate governance. Transparency will encompass SANI communications, decision making, and programme of activities.

Equality of Opportunity:


SANI is fully committed to promoting human rights based approaches and anti discriminatory practice in all of its activities. This includes an appreciation and understanding of the risks and damage which may be caused by culturally specific forms of discrimination which are prevalent within Somali society.


The nature of such forms of direct and institutionalised discrimination may be manifested in both intentional and unwitting/subconscious bias founded on ignorance, gender based, or sectarian in nature, or perceptions of tribal, clan or regional affiliations.